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that pain so subtly but at the same time so vividly on her face. Lawther, meanwhile, portrays the awkward and bullied teenaged Turing. "We spent a little bit of time in rehearsing, coming up with an idea of Alan, Lawther explained. We still have a very long way. Lawther spoke with CBS News about what drew him to the film - about a mother and son at odds as they clear out a vacation home in the French countryside - and why striving for diversity onscreen is so important. We thought the time difference between young Alan and older Alan was great enough to allow for some artistic flexibility people grow over time.

View photos, cumberbatch as the grown-up Turing, while the pair of Turings worked together to create a unified approach to the character, they also made sure their performances remained distinct. By Ned Ehrbar, updated on: June 18, 2017 / 1:54 PM / CBS News. She wears her soul on her face, Juliet. Its a film that perhaps fits in the American high school genre, whereas Departure is a film that looks toward the more European, continental school of film. A long time ago. How did you build that sometimes painful relationship with Juliet Stevenson, who plays your mother? And absolutely, lgbt stories are important to tell - which is part of a broader problem that we just need more diversity on our screens and in our theaters - and in our government, too - to represent a broader population. For the most part, Lawther relied on gut instinct and the universally difficult experience of being a teenager. .

The young actor arrived at Sherborne, Turings actual boarding school, midway through the shoot to film his scenes, and avoided watching Cumberbatchs dailies so as not to overly influence his own choices. View photos, lawther as the teenaged Turing. One physical trait, however, came courtesy of the costuming department, which managed to recreate a 60-plus-year old set of Turings false teeth. Sometimes Ive made mistakes and not really listened to my instincts and Ive done a project and Ive been disappointed with the consequence, I think, as a consequence of not listening to whatever part of me. What sort of thought or guidance has gone into how youve crafted your filmography? Theyre very different in their styles. I remember seeing the film with her and coming out and saying, Elliot is such a d*k, Im sorry that you had to play opposite that.

We spent a bit of time reading through the script, but nothing so formal as organizing how to move.". What interested me initially was this difficult mother-son relationship, which for me is the heart of the film. The Imitation Game, the actors physical similarities are obvious: Cumberbatch and Lawther both have unruly brown hair and high cheekbones. Especially at a boarding school, I think its strangely timeless. Departure Trailer by, wolfe Video on, youTube, departure is available in DVD and VOD starting March. What do you think about the importance of creating films addressing the lgbt youth experience, especially in todays changing political climate? So yeah, in terms of decision-making, its a difficult thing. First published on March 10, CBS Interactive Inc. "Although it was 90 years ago since Alan was a teenager, that feeling ofbeing on the outside and wanting to be in, but not really understanding how the world works I think thats something a lot.


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What was it about Departure that first clicked with you? That element of the story stood out to me as the most interesting. Its very different from Departure. Im lucky enough to live in London, which is a boiling pot of every kind of language and alex lawther is gay prix des cigarettes a malte background and demographic and sexuality and gender, and yet most of what were seeing in the cinema is not reflective of that. Its about making sure whatever decisions you do get to make are coming from a place of integrity. Do you see that as in anyway continuing this kind of conversation? Id never really considered them as a continuation of a conversation. We were actually quite keen for me to not imitate Benedict, because it was Alan that we were playing, not each other Lawther, who began his career on stage at the age of 16, told Yahoo Movies last week.

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Its really been about instincts. Benedict Cumberbatch and Alex Lawther, benedict Cumberbatch is getting plenty of kudos for his portrayal of genius mathematician Alan Turing in the new drama. With The Imitation Game, Black Mirror and the upcoming Freak Show, young British actor Alex Lawther is racking up quite the resume, and his latest indie film, Departure, is another notable entry. The accents are more high class than nowadays, but the feelings are the same. I mean, Im 21, I dont really know what Im saying.

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Director Morten Tyldums biopic in theaters now hops between different eras of Turings alex lawther is gay prix des cigarettes a malte life: Cumberbatch plays the idiosyncratic adult Turing, an emotionally troubled gay man who broke the Nazis Enigma code and helped the Allies win World War. Youve previously discussed the importance of knowing what to say no to as an actor. On the one hand you make decisions, and on the other hand those decisions are made for you. You can see every thought cross her eyes. Hopefully you wont go too far wrong. Ned Ehrbar, ned Ehrbar is an entertainment producer for CBS News. We were wearing the same pair of teeth, copies of Alans own dentures, said Lawther.