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new expedition his voyage viâ Tasmania and New Zealand to Tahiti reaches Hawaii explores coast. It was for a time most generally known as the "Company of Merchant Adventurers but this gave place in an act of parliament of 1556 to "The Fellowship of English Merchants for Discovery of New Trades while. Before beginning the return voyage he stretched eastward with a view to ascertaining if more land existed in that direction, but, not finding any, made his way to Kamchatka and Okhotsk, reaching the latter more than a week before Spangberg. It must not be supposed that no expedition for purely scientific objects had hitherto been sent out from Europe, for even in the seventeenth century France, as represented by the Academy of Sciences, had shown great enterprise in despatching. He frequently visited Gojam, the Agau countries, and other districts adjoining the Blue Nile, of which he gives a detailed description so far as it flows within the borders of Abyssinia. The state of knowledge of this region at the beginning of the new century is shown by the map by Isaac Massa published in Holland in 1612.

During the whole subsequent period, between the first quarter of the seventeenth and the last quarter of the eighteenth century.e. America New Georgia, Solomons, named by Shortland coasted by D'Entrecasteaux New Guernsey, Pacific New Guinea, on Maps of Mercator, etc. Before leaving the neighbourhood Vancouver sent on the Chatham to survey the outer coast to the eastward, himself following a little later. Those results were indeed not incompatible with the old notions, as Compagnies Landt might have lain entirely to the east of the seas navigated by Deshnef. The Company consisted not of merchants, but of financiers who had taken over a large part of the public debt of the nation, in part return for which these extravagant privileges were granted. The second in command of this famous expedition, to which in 1767 was attached the store-ship Étoile, was Duclos Guyot. Among the former was Fitzhugh's Sound, a little north of Vancouver Island, which still retains the name given it on this occasion. Africa, expeditions to Mothe, Mgr de la, mission in Siam under Mother, The, peak in New Britain Motora, Simeon,.E. After three months,.e. The labours of Müller, Gmelin the elder, and other savants employed on land in connection with the great exploring projects of Peter the Great have already been touched upon.

Africa Van Reenen, Dirk Gijsbert, voyage to Walvisch Bay Van Reenen, Jacobus, journey with Paterson Van Reenen, Sebastiaan, journey with Paterson voyage to Walvisch Bay Van Reenen, Willem, journey north Vanua Levu, sighted by Tasman Vardoe Varela, Spanish boundary Commissioner,. The reports brought back by Bouvet had an important influence on the plans of Cook's second voyage. His Voyages, published in Paris in 1677-79, are a valuable authority on the trade and trade-routes of the East at the time, and especially on the diamond and other mines of India. The stay at Juan Fernandez enabled the voyagers to recruit to some extent, and the main object of the expedition, the raiding of the Spanish settlements, commenced. The reception by the islanders was at first friendly, but an unfortunate occurrence marred these good relations. As regards the illustrations, special thanks are due to Mr Kitson, and his publisher Mr Murray, for permission to utilise the chart of Captain Cook's routes, and the portrait of the navigator, given in the former's Captain James Cook (which appeared. Sailing over a little frequented part of the ocean, he passed the position assigned in the charts to Lyon's land without meeting with it; but on September 24 soundings of 70 fathoms were obtained, and on the 26th.

Although the Dutch authorities professed the intention of further examining the resources of the newly-found lands, little was accomplished, and Tasman's discoveries were the culminating achievement of that nation in the field of geographical exploration. It was carried out by Anthony Hendry, of whose earlier history, as in the case of so many of the successful adventurers of the time, little is now known. He had thus preceded Hennepin in his visit to the Sioux towns, and it is apparently from one of his companions that Lake Pepin derives its name. Twenty years later (1678) a further examination of a portion of the north-west coast was made by Jan van der Wall during a voyage from Ternate to Batavia. The traveller's health declined, and he retired for a time to Emfras, on a hill overlooking Lake Tsana, whence he paid a visit to the cataract of Alataon the Blue Nile below its exit from the lakewhich had already been described by the Jesuits. Drawing by Webber, in the narrative of Cook's Third Voyage.

1 These islands were surveyed only a year later by Lieut. 1 1 Pond's journals have lately been brought to light and printed in America. The exploration of these, and of the interior of Africa and Australia (and to a smaller extent of Asia remained as the special tasks of the nineteenth century. Sailing due south from the west end of Timor, the Cygnet passed a shoal in about 13 50'. Turkestan Alaba, Galla-land Alaseya River, Siberia, reached by Russians Alashan range, Mongolia Alaska, Cook on coast of Gvosdef reaches coast of ( map ) Bering and Chirikof on coast of fur-traders in explorations on coast of, by La P?rouse by British. Like Hunter in the previous year (see. Documentary evidence has lately been brought to light showing that the journey to the Rio Branco had been made as early as 1718 by a Jew named Gerrit Jacobs.

The farthest point reached on the open ocean was that on the western side of the entrance to Clarence Strait, and this received the name Cape Decision, as up to it the extent of the possible navigation towards. A considerable stay was made there, and a good deal of information on the island is contained in a journal kept by the interpreter Maximo Rodriguez, of which. 1 As usual, Dampier's journal contains an accurate picture of the nature of the country and its productions, both vegetable and animal. Here the Dutch came into collision with the Portuguese and also suffered severely from fever, so it was resolved to steer for the Strait of Magellan. Africa, on Delisle's map Kupang, Timor, Dutch settlement at Kurile Islands, coasted by Schaep Russians reach Spangberg's reconnaissance La P?rouse at Broughton at Kuttejar, Gambia Kwango River, Congo, early journeys to mapping of Kwangtung, Jesuits in Kwanza River on Delisle's.


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2 Their return to the ships, some time after the date to which the parties had been provisioned, relieved Vancouver of much anxiety, and the happy occasion was celebrated in fitting fashion by the whole of the crews. Such a passage exists further south between the South Shetlands and the still more southern lands, but it would perhaps be hazardous to conclude that so high a latitude as this (6263) had been reached, although the name. To which the name Magon is given. For the southern and south-eastern countries, especially the coast-lines, this information was now superseded by the results of recent voyages, though, as we have seen, the statements of the early travellers continued to exercise a powerful influence with map-makers. Finally, in 1715, after the death of Bonjour, who had begun the survey of Yunnan, the work was completed by Régis, who had then material for the whole map of the empire with the exception of Tibet. Only when Hudson had proved by actual experience the hopelessness of finding a way to China by these routes did he in turn devote his energies to the north-west, where, in 1610, he took up the search. Here, as well as at Huahine and Ulietea, they met with the usual hospitable reception, and, sailing from the last-named, left behind the native Oedidee, who had been with them since their visit to the group in 1773.

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French bear gay escort boy brest Broughton as commander, and among the other officers of the two ships (who one and all proved zealous coadjutors in the survey work and whose names were honoured by being given to many of the features of the coasts of North-West. The last fall having been passed, traces were seen of an abandoned settlement of the Portuguese from Pará. A somewhat greater advance northward was made in 1661 by two parties under Pieter Cruythof and Pieter van Meerhof, and both of these went on a second expedition in 1662, during the course of which they came upon representatives. Page 302 chapter XII THE southern pacific, While the work of Cook had thus been actively plan cul draguignan autofellation black followed up in the Northern Pacific, it led to no less immediate and important results in the southern parts of the same ocean. It appears that he had been outlawed in 1748 for smuggling, but only six years later we find him sufficiently trusted by the Hudson Bay Company to be employed as leader of the important expedition now to be described.
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And to have followed the shores round Prince Frederick Henry Island as far as the beginning of Torres Strait. Beginning with Asiathe more eastern parts of which, as explored by the Russians in the far north, and by Jesuit and other missionaries within the limits of the Chinese Empire, have been already dealt with in previous chaptersone. 1 From the Lena to the Kolyma the coasts were much frequented by traders in their "kotches" or flat-bottomed boats. In the following year a still larger fleet was sent under Joseph and Edge, Baffin holding the same position as before. It remains to speak of two or three Dutch voyages of this period, particularly that under Commodore Roggeveen in 1721-22. Warm weather now gave place to great cold, but the explorer pushed on with great determination, passing the mouth of the clear-flowing Great Bear River (coming from Great Bear Lake and occasionally meeting Indians, who still preserved a shy and suspicious attitude. The voyages of Button (1612-13 Bylot and Baffin (1615 and of the Dane, Jens Munk (1619-20 did much to improve the knowledge of the shores of the bay and of the strait leading to it, though they did not finally. Surrender of Tahiti to Wallis. The negotiations having been brought to an end, the Chinese envoys returned by the same route for the greater part of the way.

The account is also extant of a voyage by the Sieur d'Elbée to Ardrah or Jakin on the Slave Coast in 1670. The rest, though pursued, succeeded in making their escape, and on reaching Cape Town gave the authorities an account of their journey. Cape Suckling, Bering's Bay, and Kaye Island were seen and named, the last in honour of Dr Kaye, afterwards Dean of Lincoln, who had shown much interest in the voyage. In 1680 a party of Franciscans, including Fathers Sumeta, Corso, and De la Peña, began their labours in the district of Apolobamba, where they and their successors in time established a number of stations, besides pushing a considerable distance into the wilds beyond. De, missionary in Abyssinia Angelis, de, Jesuit in Japan Angelo and Carli's journeys in Angola Angoche Island,.E. By ascending both the main and the eastern arm (the latter named Turnagain) until they became narrow and nearly fresh, he conclusively proved that no passage either to Baffin or Hudson Bay was to be found in this locality. He was on the Tasmanian coast only a couple of months after D'Entrecasteaux's second visit, of which he was completely ignorant, and his surveys there had been anticipated by the French Admiral as well as by Bligh. In 1623, the governor of Buenos Aires, Don Luiz de Cespedes, sent the Jesuit Romero to explore the latter river from mouth to source, and the journey, though only in part successful, brought the traveller to the first Guarani. A project was set on foot by some of the party to ascend the Rio Negro in quest of slaves, but it was frustrated through the influence of the priests. We must now return to Cook and his comrades, who, after touching at Madeira and the Cape Verdes, sighted land in the vicinity of Table Bay on September.

After touching at Rio, Broughton decided to take the eastward route viâ Van Diemen's Land and New Holland. He and his men suffered many hardships, and judging from his own account, he was unusually unfortunate in the difficulties from ice and other obstacles which he encountered. After a passage of 64 days from the Cape the ships reached Van Diemen's Land on April 21, putting by mistake into a bay to the west of Adventure Bay, which seems to have been wrongly identified with the Storm Bay of Tasman. Here he seems to have been in advance of his French rival, and was the first white man to land on Rossel Island, which D'Entrecasteaux merely named in passing. Davis soon persuaded the merchants to fit out another expedition, the men of Devon, especially the Exeter merchants, contributing the greater part of the cost. Hennepin, though not lacking in courage, was of a vain and boastful disposition, and grave doubts exist as to the trustworthiness of his account, which is, however, of some value as supplementing the other records. The country bordering on the Hudson was represented, as early as 1614, in a map presented to the States General of the Netherlands by merchants desiring a charter for trade with that region. A result of this victory was the despatch of Sir Thomas Roe, in 1615, as ambassador to Jehangir. The support of this ally proved invaluable in the sequel. It proved to be the eastern part of the Solomon group, and a small island at its extremity was named Sirius Island.

A Danish ship of war was placed at their disposal, and the party, having sailed early in 1761, and having visited Constantinople and Egypt, proceeded in the autumn of 1762 in a pilgrim ship to Jidda, on the Arabian coast of the Red Sea. The next Dutch voyage of importance to this part of the world was that of Maarten van Delft, commanding the Vossenbosch, with which sailed two other vessels with skippers hailing from Hamburg. It consisted, however, merely of two small islands, with other islets near them, being identical with the group afterwards named Prince Edward Islands by Cook. In their efforts to advance eastward the voyagers were much hindered by easterly winds, and on January 5, 1793, the water-supply having fallen very low, it was decided not to attempt to trace the coast further, but. But these and subsequent journeys belong rather to a later period than that dealt with in the present work. He says that the Deva was descended from an ancient race of Tangut Tartars. Thence he sailed north-west, and reached the Louisiade Archipelago, cruising in various directions among these islands. In 1721 it was arranged that parties should start from both sides simultaneously, Fathers Patiño and Rodriguez ascending the river, while a party from Tucuman endeavoured to meet them. Rough weather making it impossible to pass through the Strait of Sangaar, he went south along the east coast of Japan (getting a good view of Mount Fujiyama and after passing down the outer side of the Liu-kiu group, reached Macao on December 13, 1796.

Reaching 51 without seeing anything of the other ships, they sailed homewards, and arrived at Dartmouth on September. The voyage was resumed on August 4, and the intricate and difficult navigation through the reefs which fringe the coast was successfully accomplished, though the ship was again more than once in a position of great danger. Leaving the greater number of his men here, Khabarof returned to Yakutsk for reinforcements, with which he again reached the Daurian country in 1651. But the results of these enterprises were little known to the outside world, and the British Government, which had already displayed its interest in northern discovery by the despatch of Captain Phipps in 1773 to the sea east of Greenland, considered. While on the Upper Mississippi Hennepin fell in with an enterprising French pioneer, Du Luth (or Du Lhut) by name, who had for two years been exploring near the head of Lake Superior and the head-waters of the Mississippi. The separation of the ships occurred on June 11, 1606, after which date Torres waited 15 days in the bay of St Philip and St James, in the expectation of Quiros's return. In the then existing state of knowledge it was certainly more justifiable to conclude that an easy passage might be found on this than on the opposite side of the Atlantic; and that the Muscovy Company, which had all Cabot's. De la Croyère accompanied Chirikof to the mouth of the Ilim and thence went viâ Irkutsk to Lake Baikal and the Upper Amur.

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